Fiscal Year Budget and Assessment Documents

Fiscal Year Budget and Assessment Documents

Budget and Regional Assessment Documents

The documents on this page represent the budget and assessment material shared with each member town’s finance committee and other governing bodies.

The Budget Document present an overview of the district’s budget goals and significant initiatives along with a line by line presentation of the budget listed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s functional account categories.

The Assessment Document provides information relative to the calculation of each member community’s assessment. The document provides an explanation of the factors that determine each member community’s assessment, as well as a look back at assessment trends


  1. FY19 Assessment Book
  2. FY19 Budget Book
  3. FY18 Assessment Book
  4. FY18 Budget Book
  5. FY17 Assessment Book
  6. FY17 Budget Book
  7. FY16 Assessment Book
  8. FY16 Budget Book